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Team Code of Honor

As a student at Z Hair Academy, we will help you improve your skills to make sure you’re ready for a rewarding career in cosmetology. But while you’re here, you have a responsibility to both yourself and your fellow students. While we hold our students to high standards of learning and self-improvement, we want everyone to support each other, to care about the success of their fellow students as much as their own. To make that a reality, we created a Code of Honor we want our students to live by during their time at Z Hair Academy.

“Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” Mattie Stepanek, poet

  • Code Of Honor Coexist


    • Everyone is a valued member of the team and we will support each other in all our interactions by being courteous and kind.
    • I will make NO judgements about my teammates.
  • Code Of Honor Check It At The Door

    Check it at the Door

    • I will leave my negativity at the door and not allow it to bring the team down.
    • I take responsibility for the ENERGY I bring!
  • Code Of Honor Inclusivity


    • We celebrate and know we have more in common than not.
    • Everyone has a gift to share and we are all better for those gifts.
    • I will leave no one out!
  • Code Of Honor No Excuses

    No Excuses

    • I am accountable for my own thoughts and actions and will put forth my BEST effort, every day, for the success and growth of the team.
    • I will not use excuses or blame others for mistakes, but will LEARN and become my BEST self.
  • Code Of Honor Leaders

    We Are All Leaders

    • Be a walking example of excellence, with no EGO!
    • I will BE what I want to SEE in others
    • I will LOOK my my best and GIVE my best every day.
  • Code Of Honor Its About We

    It’s Not About Me, it’s About We!

    • By sharing a common direction and sense of community, we will reach for a higher purpose.
    • I will get what I need by inspiring others to get what they need.
    • When the team wins, we all win.
    • We CELEBRATE all wins!
  • Code Of Honor Thank You

    Attitude of Gratitude

    • Be mindful of the little things and appreciate each other by thanking, helping and encouraging each other.
    • I will seek to find the positive in all situations and show gratitude to my team.
  • Code Of Honor Work Hard

    Never Give Up!

    • I will seek the answers I need to accomplish my goals and encourage others.
    • I will NOT allow FEAR to stop my progress!
  • Code Of Honor Words

    Think it Before You Speak it

    • I will be mindful of my teammate’s perspectives and speak honestly, from the heart and with good intentions.
    • I will communicate with clarity and deal DIRECT with others.
  • Code Of Honor We Rise

    We Agree to Call & Be Called

    • It is up to us to create the environment that makes us better.
    • We will “call” with kindness and “be called” without offense.

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