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Industry News | Cosmetology School Kansas CityFall Men’s Beard and Hair Trends 2019

In our industry, keeping up with trends is a must. We have to keep our clients looking stylish and anticipate what they might want before they ask for it. This autumn, industry professionals say we’ll see beards maintain the popularity we’ve seen over the last decade. In fact, they believe we might see an increase in the popularity of facial hair.

Modern Salon predicts we’ll see scruffy stubble or full beards kept manageably short. They think these beards will be accompanied by softer, more natural-looking hairstyles. Expect longer side lengths transitioning to long, messy tops. Beard lengths will generally match side lengths.

Beard Care Tips
  • Cleaning

    Don’t believe the myth that cleaning a beard causes it to lose its oils and dry out. A clean beard is a comfortable one. There are companies dedicated to beard care that offer products designed to clean beards and moisturize the skin underneath.

  • Conditioning

    Facial hair needs to be conditioned just like the hair on your head. Beard conditioners can add shine and volume for peak beardiness.

  • Oil/Balm

    Beard oil moisturizes facial hair and the skin underneath. It helps condition, hydrate, and shape beards while promoting growth. If oil isn’t appealing, beard balm can do the same thing as oil with the bonus of smelling great!

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