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Cosmetology School Lawerence Next Step

Academy News | Cosmetology School Overland ParkSee You At The Top!

Picture this: you’re a new cosmetology school graduate. It’s time to start a real-world job in a fast-paced salon. Are you ready for it?

The next question is: Did you attend Z Hair Academy? If so, then you’re ABSOLUTELY ready for success in a salon!

While they’re important, successful salon work is about more than your technical proficiency in skills like cutting, coloring, texture services, nails, or facials. Effective communication with your clients is essential. The majority of your success hinges on your ability to speak with customers, interpret their needs, make suggestions, and competently conduct business.

A Quality Education

We strive to ensure that our graduates leave us with all the technical, customer service, and business skills they’ll need. To do this, we break up our curriculum into three phases:

  1. New Talent Phase – The foundation of your cosmetology education. You’ll learn theory to build your professional image, communication skills, and your technical skills in hair, skin, and nail care.
  2. Designer I Phase – Building structure on your foundation. An intermediate phase in which you continue to improve your professionalism, communication, and technical skills.
  3. Designer II Phase – The finishing touches. Fine-tuning your skills and getting you ready to get a job with instruction on how to prepare a resume, interview effectively, build a business, prepare for the Kansas State board practical exam, and know and understand the Kansas Board of Cosmetology laws.
Cosmetology School Lawerence Work Plan

From Cosmetology School To The Salon

Z Hair Academy students learn to plan their work and work their plan.  They can earn promotions by meeting their guest service goals, just like in the salon. Practicing these techniques in school makes the transition to the salon much easier.

Having goals and challenging yourself to improve every day will allow you to build a professional career in the salon and earn a professional income.  Do it all with passion, because as the saying goes, “Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Now go get the career you deserve!

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Z Hair Academy is the RIGHT choice for your cosmetology school education. Contact us today to schedule a tour and find out how you can get started in your beauty career!