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Cosmetology School Lawrence FISH

Academy News | Cosmetology School LawrenceYes, Our Cosmetology School Uses FISH!

Right now, you’re probably wondering what that title could mean. No, we can assure you we don’t use actual fish. If not, then what in the world are we talking about?

Here’s a short explanation that might clear things up:

In 1998, documentary filmmaker, John Christensen, encountered the fishmongers of the famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. Their enthusiasm for their seemingly difficult, cold, repetitive job and the special attention they gave to each customer, inspired Christensen to create a philosophy that teaches people how to approach work or school in a unique way. The program helps people improve their morale and the quality of the work they provide. He identified four simple techniques and called them his FISH! Philosophy.

FISH! Philosophy
  • Play 

    Work can be fun if we make it fun. Find ways to exude creativity, enthusiasm, and joy. Set your hair and beauty work apart by providing a creative and unique experience. Turn an ordinary service into an extraordinary one with your enthusiastic personality.

  • Be There

    It’s easy to drift away from time to time while dealing with people. Remember that a little respect goes a long way. Make a conscious effort to always be present with the client.  Really listen to them.  You may be surprised by what you learn.

  • Make Their Day

    Seek out simple ways to bring joy into the lives of those around you. Strive to improve their life in that moment without expecting anything in return. Clients will remember long after the service ends.

  • Choose Your Attitude

    You’re in control of how you respond to events in your life. Your mood affects those around you. Understand the impact your demeanor has on your team and your customers.

Dealing with customers in a fast-paced environment is not always easy and can be exhausting.  But that is our job.  Without customers, we have no reason to show up.  We must re-invigorate ourselves every day and with each client.  The customer’s time is precious, and we want them to leave us with the feeling that they got more than they expected. 

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