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Cosmetology School Kansas City Megan

Academy News | Cosmetology School Kansas CityBeyond The Chair With Megan

Get to know Megan, a student in Phase 1 at our cosmetology school in Kansas City! She is passionate about her future and has exhibited strong self-development skills from a young age.

Why did you choose to attend Z Hair Academy?

I chose to attend Z Hair Academy because it was one of the most top-rated schools. I know a few graduates from Z Hair Academy who are onto amazing things, so the school itself became super inspiring.

What phase are you currently in?

I am currently in Phase 1, and I have one person left on my top 20.

What is your favorite service or skill?

My favorite service/skill is definitely anything involving foils and makeup. But as of lately I have found more confidence within my cutting skills.

What are your plans after graduation?

My plans after graduation are still to be determined, but I would eventually love to become a brand ambassador for a salon brand.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I watch a lot of educational videos and play with my dogs.

What hobby/activity are you passionate about?

I am definitely passionate about makeup and music.

What is something fun about your past?

Something fun about my past is that my sister and I used to give each other haircuts for fun and it always turned out so bad!

What is your favorite hair product?

Hands down Surface Trinity Protein Cream. It’s the most amazing product and helps fry your hair faster, it’s organic and gives your hair proper nutrients.

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