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Cosmetology School Lee’s Summit At Z Hair Academy

Academy News | Cosmetology School LawrenceStart Your Lawrence Cosmetology School Experience With the New Talent Phase at Z Hair Academy

Have you always had a keen interest in the world of style and beauty? The Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence, Kansas, may have the ideal opportunity for you! Our cosmetology program begins with the New Talent Phase, which offers absolute beginners an enriching journey into the art of style and grooming.

Cosmetology School Lee’s Summit Course

What Can New Talent Phase Students Expect?

We’ll guide you through the cosmetology basics to help you strengthen your confidence in the department of hair, nails, and facials. The course also covers fundamental practices in providing quality care and safety for your customers.

Our dedicated instructors share insightful cosmetological theories and provide guided practical sessions, so students become familiarized with various industry practices. We also aim to help aspiring individuals establish their professional image by observing ethics and customer service standards. The New Talent Phase is a comprehensive introductory course that imparts the basics in cosmetology while encouraging individuals to discover their unique style and talent.

Course Schedule
Our New Talent Phase is the first of Z Hair Academy’s three-stage cosmetology program in Lawrence, which is available in full-time or part-time classes. The phase is 12-weeks long (320 hours) and conducted from Tuesdays to Fridays.

Cosmetology School Lee’s Summit New Talent Phase

Why Choose Z Hair Academy?

Z Hair Academy was founded and is managed by hairdressers with decades of experience in their craft. They’re here to fuel the passion within the next generation of stylists while guiding them through industry challenges. Each Z Hair Academy student will receive a professional kit comprising tools created by industry icon Sam Villa. The tools are made by a hairdresser for hairdressers to help students thrive in the first steps toward achieving their professional goals.

Cosmetology School Lee’s Summit New Talent

Real-World Experiences

Training goes beyond the classroom setting. We provide real-world practice in our student salons, where students get to work and interact with actual customers to hone their craft.

Cosmetology School Lee’s Summit Journey

Celebrity Guests

Z Hair Academy encourages students to be inspired by the best. Students have the opportunity to meet and learn from leading industry professionals such as Joico artist Cherry Petenbrink and Redken’s global artistic ambassador Sam Villa.

Cosmetology School Lee’s Summit

Fashion Shows

All students will enjoy the opportunity to participate in various events to showcase their talents. These shows are a confidence booster as you watch professional models display your masterpiece to the world.

Above and Beyond

We’ll help graduated students with their job search via our vast network of professional connections with local support salons.

If you’re ready to start the admissions process, contact the Z Hair Academy admissions team via phone or text at (913)999-2377 or by filling out our admissions contact form!

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Z Hair Academy is the RIGHT choice for your cosmetology school education. Contact us today to schedule a tour and find out how you can get started in your beauty career!