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Cosmetology School Designer Phase 1

Academy News | Cosmetology Program in Overland Park, KSLearn More About Our Cosmetology Program Designer Phase I

The Designer Phase I bridging step of our Z Hair Academy cosmetology program in Overland Park, Kansas, further develops the professional skill sets of upcoming designers. We introduce students to promotional methods and advanced hair and nail techniques. Students learn the fundamental skills required for Designer Phase II, where they will develop skills to begin their professional careers.

The Stepping Stone To Your Career

Designer Phase I provides the student with greater confidence in their professional abilities. There will be an emphasis on professional terms and techniques to equip them with the know-how in catering to the preferred styles of customers.

Students learn various hair techniques, such as cutting, designing, and chemical treatments. There will be lessons on the correct application of hair color, lighteners, permanent waves, and chemical relaxers.

Lessons on color theory introduce trending hues, shades, blends, and highlights that are often requested by clients. Students will learn how to quickly utilize the most effective methods and tools to achieve the desired look. They will also learn how to recognize various disorders and conditions of the hair scalp, skin, and nails, to distinguish salon-treatable cases apart from those that require medical assistance. The goal is to help students establish higher authority on the cosmetology subject in guiding customers in the right direction.

Our dedicated instructors will be sharing valuable insights on customer service and marketing techniques. There will be a focus on home-care treatments, which enables our future designers to promote in-store products with the best approach. Students will develop methods to stay calm and confident in any social situation. By the end of the course, students will be better prepared to represent themselves and their studios on a professional level.

Cosmetology School Cosmetology Program Schedule

Overland Park, KS, Cosmetology Program Schedule

Designer Phase I is the second of Z Hair Academy’s three-stage cosmetology program in Overland Park, Kansas, which is available in full-time or part-time classes. The phase is 52-weeks long (680 hours) and conducted from Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Why Choose Z Hair Academy?

Z Hair Academy was founded and is managed by hairdressers with decades of experience in their craft. They're here to fuel the passion within the next generation of stylists while guiding them through industry challenges. Each Z Hair Academy student of the cosmetology program in Overland Park, Kansas, will receive a professional kit comprising of tools created by industry icon Sam Villa. These tools are made by a hairdresser for hairdressers to help students thrive in the first steps toward achieving their professional goals. 

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Z Hair Academy is the RIGHT choice for your cosmetology school education. Contact us today to schedule a tour and find out how you can get started in your beauty career!