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Cosmetology School Staying Busy

Academy News | Cosmetology School in Lawrence, KSPro Tips From Our Cosmetology School in Lawrence, KS, on Staying Busy During Slow Times

Unexpected periods of societal and economic disruption are likely to decrease customer traffic at the salon. However, instead of squandering precious time over idle chatter or gawking at the front entrance, there are many effective ways to stay productive. Our Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence, Kanas, has put together some creative ways you can cash in on your downtime.

For starters, the Digital Age makes it extremely convenient to expand professional networks from anywhere and at any time. Alternatively, you may consider promoting your services through a plethora of online channels. A little bit of internet savviness will take you far!

Cosmetology School Improve Your LinkedIn Presence

Improve Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn is the social network platform for professionals, making it is a hotbed for anyone interested in raising their professional reputation. There are various groups for cosmetologists, which offer useful industry advice and solidarity during times of crisis. The Cosmetology Network and Global Dermatology and Cosmetology Group are two of the most popular among the community, each with over 10,000 members from all across the world.

Joining these groups can help improve career growth prospects through establishing communication and learning from a vast pool of industry experts and thought leaders. You’ll widen your knowledge with upcoming trends, styles, and products.

LinkedIn group members usually come from various facets of the industry, which brings limitless opportunities for collaboration. For example, in the Cosmetology Network, you’ll find fellow designers, as well as product suppliers, salon owners, and even prospective investors in the beauty business.

Cosmetology School Improve Your Instagram Presence

Improve Your Instagram Presence

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, making it is a hotbed for any designer who is interested in putting their name out there. This is the place where style influencers abound. The platform has a strong visual element that is perfect for seeking the latest hair-spirations and uploading some of your latest works that will capture the attention of potential clients. Unlike other social media platforms that are language-intensive, Instagram lets your artistic masterpiece do the talking for you.

Cosmetology School in Lawrence, KS

Seek Medium

We’re not talking about seance experts— we’re referring to the online blogosphere. articles cover all sorts of topics, and there are some informative writers out there. Beauty blogs could broaden the horizons of your expertise. To make the best out of Medium, read the works of bloggers who are experts within the beauty industry. With some added effort searching, you’ll be able to locate an influencer or two within the beauty industry.

Consider starting a Medium account to start publishing some advice of your own. Traction in the right target crowd might break your dry spell at the studio.

Cosmetology School Adopting An Online Strategy

Adopting an Online Strategy

If customers aren’t coming to you, it’s time to take your business to them. Companies like Square enable you to schedule and settle payments and appointments without hassle. Make the most out of e-scheduling by pairing it with an active social media marketing strategy across multiple channels.

These measures will keep you busy during a sharp decline of walk-ins.

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