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Industry News | Cosmetology School Lee's Summit2020 Hair Color Trends So Far

A stylish hairstyle is a quintessential topper to a fashionable look, and hair color will define the results.

Here’s a look at inspiring hair color trends we have seen so far this year.

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    Buttercream Blond

    Spring features several food-influenced hair color trends that characterize the season’s revitalizing glow. Buttercream blond might top the list. It is a warm, buttery gold look inspired by the sun-kissed effect (achieved with a blend of colored layers) on light-colored hair. The subtle, natural-looking hairstyle is flattering for all skin tones and requires minimal maintenance throughout the seasons.

    There are several variations of the versatile look, which are customized to complement specific complexions and preferences. These may range from lighter highlights to medium gold dye with an iridescent shine. While the style can be achieved with any hair color, blond bases achieve this look with ease. Shampoos with purple pigment can help reduce the effects of fading.

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    Raspberry Bourbon

    Another food-inspired color that has been spotted throughout social media is raspberry bourbon. The hybrid hue features a mahogany base with red ends, resulting in a mesmerizing balayage that resembles the swirls of a popular cocktail recipe.

    The style is a dream come true for brunettes who wish to try out the redhead look via a less bold approach.

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    Espresso Brown

    Espresso brown is a vibrant color that instantly adds personality to your hairstyle. Unlike unnatural colors, espresso brown closely mimics the natural shades of dark hair, making it perfect for those low maintenance girls. Additionally, the hairstyle does not require any lightening procedures, with the exception of black hair and darker shades. 

    Espresso brown is ideal for sprucing up a variety of styles (e.g., lightening curls to give them extra dimension and enhancing the beachy textures of wavy hair).

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    Our list would be incomplete without mention of the technique that has taken the world by storm. “Twilighting” was coined by designer Karissa Schaudt from Maxine Salon. The style is suitable for all hair lengths, including mid-length and short dos.

    The style is a gorgeous cross between a balayage and babylights. Twilighting is easily one of the most effective and stunning highlighting techniques, improving the depth and movement of your hairstyle with low maintenance.

Cosmetology School Lee Summit

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