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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School, Lee’s Summit, MOThe Truth About Dry Shampoo

There has been a global surge in dry shampoo popularity, so it is no wonder that such products are a frequent topic with clients at our Z Hair Academy student salons. In addition to student salons, Z Hair Academy is an institution with four cosmetology schools in Kansas and Missouri. Below, we break down the three things everyone should know before using dry shampoo.

Freshens, Not Cleans

According to an educator at our Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, dry shampoo is usually an alcohol- or starch-based product that is designed to absorb oil and dirt in your hair, making it appear fresher. Although dry shampoo can give the appearance and smell of clean hair, it is not actually removing oil and dirt the way a traditional wash with water and shampoo does.

Application Matters

If you would like to use dry shampoo to freshen your hair, the application is important. Follow the product instructions, ensuring that you are only applying the dry shampoo to your hair rather than your scalp. Additionally, be sure to distribute the dry shampoo evenly through your hair with your fingers or a comb to avoid areas of product buildup.

Overuse Causes Problems

For most people, occasional dry shampoo use will not cause any problems. However, if you use dry shampoo more than one or two days per week, you could be at risk for a variety of problems.

  • Dry shampoo and other products with alcohol tend to dry your hair, which can cause hair breakage.
  • A buildup of dry shampoo on your scalp can lead to itchiness and even folliculitis, a bacterial or fungal infection in the hair follicle.
  • A buildup of oil on the scalp can cause dandruff or even a red, scaly scalp condition called seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Although dry shampoo has not been linked to hair loss or stunted hair growth, poor scalp health from conditions like the above can cause hair loss.

Are You Passionate About Hair?

If you are passionate about hair and have the desire to be successful within the beauty industry, the Z Hair Academy cosmetology program is the perfect fit! Z Hair Academy cosmetology schools, like our cosmetology school in Lee’s Summit, allow you to start your education right away (new classes begin every six weeks) on a schedule that works for you (we have part-time and full-time options). Get started today by speaking with a member of our Admissions team!

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