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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School LawrenceWorking the “Money Piece” Highlights: Balayage Redefined

Hair trends may come and go, but one thing is for sure, every once-popular trend of the past will inevitably come back in style—all you have to do is wait. Thanks to the newest balayage trend, popularly known as “money piece” highlights, the chunky hair highlights of the early 2000s have once again returned to their rightful place at the forefront of this year’s beauty trends. Our stylists at the student salon within the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence, Kansas, have detailed everything you need to know about “money piece” highlights and how you can achieve this nostalgia-inspired style this summer!

What Is the “Money Piece”?

The “money piece” is a term coined to describe face-framing highlights around the front hairline created through a balayage technique. While this trend first garnered attention in the summer of 2019 as Beyonce debuted her caramel-hued highlights on Instagram, the style has gained increasing popularity due to its versatility and minimal maintenance. It is an easy way for all brunette babes to achieve a natural, sun-kissed look without the commitment of a complete color treatment, and, unlike the drastic chunky highlights of the 2000s, money piece highlights are much less drastic in their hues. Sported by Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez, this method might just give the traditional balayage technique a run for its money!

Advantages of Money Piece Highlights

If you aren’t quite hooked on the money piece highlights trend, our stylists at the student salon within the Z Hair Academy in Lawrence have explained some of the everyday benefits of embracing the new balayage technique. Some of the most notable advantages associated with rocking money piece highlights include:

  • Added dimension to the hair and accentuated facial features.
  • Extreme versatility; it is entirely customizable to your face shape, cut, and style.
  • Minimal upkeep; boost your color frequently or let it grow into your natural hair color as time passes.
  • Added brightness to the face without the damage associated with bleaching the hair.
  • An easy way to obtain a seasonal hair update.

Achieving the Perfect Style

A money piece highlight is the perfect introductory style to begin lightening your natural shade. While the technique appears relatively simple, with a natural “sun-kissed” effect framing the face, there are specific steps that only a knowledgeable colorist who understands dimension will be able to properly provide. There is a widely-accepted misconception that the front, underlined levels of the highlights are processed higher, but all of the hair is actually lifted evenly and then toned separately. The two pronounced pieces in the front undergo the same coloring process to help keep the money pieces and the highlights cohesive throughout the rest of the hair.

Aside from the importance of the coloring process itself, it is essential to seek a professional colorist to ensure that the money pieces you wish to brighten are the correct size for your face and hairstyle. You don’t want the money pieces to be too large for your face shape, or the illusion and hair contrast can be lost, but you also don’t want these pieces to be too small. Your stylist will be able to help determine the proper size of your money piece highlights for your face shape, as well as strike the perfect balance between color separation and continuity. Nobody wants chunky color blocks in the front that sharply contrast the rest of the natural hair!

Money Piece Highlights at the Student Salon

At the student salon within the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence, students can provide the perfect money piece highlights under licensed educators’ supervision at an affordable rate. Our stylists can help determine which color and highlight size best suits your face shape and provide you with the perfect seasonal style. Book an appointment at our student salon today.

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