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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School LawrenceLet Your Roots Grow: Exploring the Shadow Root Style

Are you tired of overgrown roots and expensive color treatments? Good news, grown-out roots are no longer a sign of messiness or laziness; in fact, they are on trend this year! Put down the box dye; you heard that right. Top hairstylists are encouraging clients to preserve their natural root colors this season, and they’ve even coined a term for it—shadow roots. Thankfully, our stylists at the student salon within the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence, Kansas, have detailed everything you need to know about the popular shadow roots trend and what you should consider before your next color appointment. Find out how to spend less time in the salon and more time at the pool this summer!

What Are Shadow Roots?

Shadow roots refer to the specific hair coloring technique that accentuates darker roots toward the top of the head. The technique provides an illusion of your roots casting a shadow on the rest of the hair as the colorist creates a shadow effect by stretching out the dye along the entire length of the hair. This will eliminate the sharp contrast between your natural root color and your highlights, with the hair closest to the root of your head remaining completely untouched. The final result is a stylish gradient with a blurred transition, the perfect option for all of the ladies wanting to try a fresh look without undergoing the traditional single-process hair coloring technique.

Benefits of the Popular Coloring Technique

Added Volume—Because of the shadow effect created by this coloring technique, your hair will experience added dimension, making it appear fuller and more voluminous. If you are an eternal sufferer of thin hair and are looking to experience something new, ask your stylist to try out this shadow root coloring technique!

Low-Maintenance—This style requires very little maintenance, with no regular dyeing for up to three months, saving you time, money, and effort. Because the shadow roots begin with your natural hair color, this style provides you with a trendy and stylish way to grow your hair out to the desired length. Say goodbye to those awkward growing stages!

Increased Hair Growth—Due to the low-maintenance lifestyle of rocking shadow roots, your hair will be healthier than ever before, avoiding the dead and damaged look that accompanies regular hair dyeing. In turn, this will help promote hair growth and create a healthy luster.

Universally Flattering—Are you obsessed with long hair and cringe when visiting the salon for a trim? That’s perfect! Or do you have a short trendy bob that you like to chop regularly? That’s perfect, too! The best part about this coloring technique is that it is universal and complements all hair lengths.

Cost-Effective—As we said before, this style requires minimal upkeep, saving you the costs of regular salon trips and expensive color-treating products.

Customizable Color Options—As if you weren’t already sold on the idea of shadow roots, the color options are completely customizable to your preferences and personality. While many stylists may recommend leaving the roots close to your natural color for easy maintenance, you can use any color combination you desire. Opt for black roots that softly fade into blonde near the tips, or create a unique color shadow like purple or teal!

Customizing Your Shadow Root Hair Style

If you are interested in trying this new coloring technique, but are still contemplating your color, our colorists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence have provided some inspiring and creative color combinations to elevate your shadow root style and impress your friends. Some of our favorites include:

Shadow Roots With Balayage—For the brown-haired beauties, a combination of shadow roots and balayage techniques makes for a luxurious natural shade of caramel on the tips of the hair, with a subtle transition to more intense roots.

Silver Shadow Roots—There’s always something stunning about silver! The darkened roots will help allow your colorist to highlight the glow of the silver hair.
Blonde Hair With Dark Roots—This is a classic shadow roots hairstyle for all of the blonde bombshells ready for a low-maintenance and affordable summer look.

Rainbow Roots—For a bold and fun spin on the traditional shadow roots style, request rainbow colored roots that fade into a lighter, more natural hue. Not only will this spice up your summer style, but it will have all heads turning!

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