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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School Lawrence6 Fall Makeup Trends To Keep You Cozy This Season

Fall is here, which means one thing for beauty lovers alike, fall makeup! After seasons of minimalist makeup and life behind a mask, the gradual re-emergence of glam is destined to surge this fall. As much as we all cherish the shimmery body oils, light coverage foundation, and natural lashes, it’s time to break out the vampy lipsticks and black eyeliner! To help you start thinking about your next full-face of makeup, our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence, Kansas, have detailed the six fall makeup trends to try this season. Check them out below!

Dewy, Breathable Skin

Continuing with the light, natural-looking skin trends of the summertime months, this fall will also witness the appreciation of a dewy, healthy-looking complexion. Because the fall months are known for having beautiful weather with crisp temperatures and abundant sunshine, you may think your skin will naturally remain healthy and beautiful; however, this is not always the case. If the temperature fluctuates dramatically for short periods of time, the air may be drier than your skin is used to. To keep your skin healthy and glowing this season, make sure to exfoliate regularly, apply an intense facial moisturizer, and drink plenty of water. It’s time to let your skin do the heavy lifting and let it shine through light coverage, dewy foundations and concealers.

Soap Brows

If you’re a fan of soap brows, you’re in luck! The soap brow trend that has recently taken over the beauty industry isn’t going anywhere for the fall of 2021. At the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence, we are big fans of the organic, fluffy brow looks that can be achieved with soap brow products. It’s fairly effortless; all you need is a damp spoolie brush and a clean soap brow product (there are countless on the market). If you haven’t yet tried this trend out, now is the perfect time to experiment with this bold brow technique.

The Kitten Eye

You’re probably familiar with the classic cat-eye, but have you tried out the “kitten eye” trend? This new, subtle take on the cat eye is an updated way to wing your eyeliner. In recent years, smaller lines have become more popular because they are much easier to execute and require much less liner, making them overall easier and cleaner. This liner trick is entirely focused on lifting the face and pairs well with some feathered soap brows!

The Classic Smoky Eye

You can never go wrong with a classic smoky eye look, especially in the fall months. While the original cool-toned-inspired smoky eye still remains popular, recent years have seen a resurgence of this classic look, but with a twist. The modern smoky eye features rich color families of soft brown hues, vibrant plums, and natural khakis and is a much more sophisticated and flattering take on the original look. The key to this eye, create a wash of color with fair-toned shadows but remember to keep it monochromatic and work with different shades that complement each other well. Open up the eye with a shimmer shadow over the center and add some winged liner to take this look to the next level.

Loaded Lashes

In the wake of seasonal weddings and upcoming fall events, expect to see a return in false lashes and extreme volumizing mascaras this year. If you are already excited about trying a rich, brown smoky eye with intense black liner, try some false lashes to add some flare to your look. Don’t forget, add lengthening mascara to your bottom lashes for a more intense look.

Vampy Lipstick

And, finally, the crème de la crème of fall makeup—vampy lipstick. From deep, wine-tinted hues to nearly black tones, vampy colors are all the rage this season and can work on everyone. Depending on your complexion and undertones, it will be important to choose a lipstick with an undertone that works well with your skin (we recommend choosing a shade with a reddish undertone if you are afraid to commit fully). Make sure to get a matching lip liner and a plumping gloss to make this look complete!

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