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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School Kansas CityDeath of the Side Part: How Middle Parts Are Dominating Beauty Trends

For those staying up to date on the latest internet drama, you are probably privy to the frenzied middle part versus side part date that’s been sweeping social media. And let us tell you, it’s getting heated! With the first two decades of the 2000s remaining fairly side-part heavy, it comes as no surprise that the re-emergence of center parts as the new normal has ruffled some Millennial feathers. It turns out that middle parts have become synonymous with cooler, younger-looking people invested in staying up to date with the latest trends and styles. Gen Z’ers have finally spoken, and apparently, the side part is officially dead, much like the popularity of skinny jeans. Thankfully, our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Kansas City are up to date with the newest trends and have detailed everything you need to know about the mounting middle part versus side part debate. Find out what you need to know below!

History of the Middle Part

The history of the center part dates back long before the current platform TikTokers use to mock the side part was a mere thought. Dominating the 1920s, 1970s, 1990s, and now, it seems, the 2020s, the cyclical style has pulled rank as a beauty trend that undoubtedly stands the test of time. Nowadays, young people are looking to icons like Ali MacGraw, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Zoe Kravitz, the cornerstone of the center part’s modern legacy. If the Mona Lisa can rock the middle part, can’t we all? And let’s not forget, our pioneering middle-part icons knew what they were talking about when they discussed the endless benefits. Not only can it highlight your face symmetry, but it can create more balance for your features. To weigh the pros and cons of this highly debated style, check out some of the arguments for each side below!

Arguments for the Center Part

Today, many “Zillenials” are opting for a harsh middle part with curtain bangs, claiming that once you find a style and shape that works for you, you will undoubtedly feel more powerful. Our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Kansas City see countless clients each week, and, according to feedback from a younger Generation Z clientele, middle parts have become a symbol of professionalism and give off the impression that individuals with a center part put additional effort into styling their hair. Many have also voiced that those with middle parts appear more confident and outgoing, whereas people still sporting the side part seem more intellectual and introverted. Because center parts highlight your facial symmetry or emphasize your lack thereof, styling your hair with a center part has become an opportunity to flex your perfectly symmetrical features.

Key Takeaway: The middle part can make you look youthful and fresh-looking while giving you a chance to highlight your facial symmetries!

Arguments for the Side Part

Nothing says middle school quite like a side part with long sweeping bangs, but still, modern-day proponents of the side part have some very valid points. First, a side part can help lift the entire face and conceal slight facial asymmetries that a severe middle part will further accentuate. Because this style is more forgiving, it may be necessary for clients with cowlicks who have a hard time parting their hair down the center. Additionally, many supporters appreciate its versatility and easy-to-style quality. Some have voiced the difficulties of getting added volume to styles with a middle part, but a side part easily builds volume and can make your hair look styled with the simple touch of a brush. And, for all side part supporters worried about the supposed death of the side part, remember, style is cyclical, and at some point in the distant future, side parts are destined to come back in style too!

Key Takeaway: A side part can conceal slight facial asymmetries and help clients with severe cowlicks who are uncomfortable with a middle part!

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