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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School Overland ParkPopular Curtain Hairstyles for Men

Since the 1990s, curtain hairstyles have been popular among men after being made trendy by boy bands, movie stars, and athletes alike. And, like all other trends, men’s curtain haircuts have come full circle and made a distinct comeback in recent years. If you’re like the rest of us and ready to embrace the famous middle-part style, keep reading as our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Overland Park detail the most popular curtain hairstyles for men this year!

What Is the Curtain Haircut?

Since the early 19th century, the curtain haircut has been characterized by long bangs parted in the center or on the side. While this hairstyle has been a truly relevant style since the 1920s, the hippie movement of the 1960s witnessed its first real revival, until the 1990s when grunge bands like Nirvana and teen heartthrobs like Leonardo DiCaprio embraced the classic style, resulting in the hairstyle’s most iconic era. Today, the resurgence of this hairstyle, adorned with shorter sides, a longer top, and a middle part allows for much customization and personalization among clients. Check out some of our favorite and versatile curtain styles below!

Short and Messy

If you’re looking for some extra adventure in your life, a short and messy-style curtain cut is undoubtedly the perfect option for you. This provides the ideal solution to showing off your more rebellious and carefree side while maintaining a modern and attractive everyday look. Because it is naturally messy, the location of your part does not matter; just make sure to keep the hair length above your ears to avoid looking overly messy. You may also choose to use a texturizing product like a sea salt spray or a hair pomade to add some additional volume and style this look.

Medium and Wavy

For those with naturally wavy hair wanting a low-maintenance look with minimal upkeep, a medium-length wavy curtain style may help suit oval, heart, or diamond-shaped faces. Keep in mind, the key to pulling off this look is washing your hair regularly and avoiding letting it get greasy or too dirty; otherwise, you may need to add some texturizing sea spray or dry shampoo to give it a little bit of a lift. If you’re still wondering if this look is right for you, just look to celebrities like Keanu Reeves and Jared Leto, who are great examples of this simple and natural style!

Long and Straight

Ready to live out your 90s grunge fantasy and emulate the likes of Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl? A long and straight curtain cut is exactly what you are looking for. This one-length middle-part style has remained consistently popular among metal music fans and musicians, making it ideal for headbanging along to your favorite grunge rock artists. While this style requires little to no maintenance, our stylists recommend washing your hair regularly to avoid an overly greasy-looking front part.

Fade Curtain Cut

If you’re looking for a more modern take on the classic curtain cut, a fade variation may allow you some versatility without an extensive change. Depending on your desired length on top, you can opt for anything from a low taper to a high skin fade that contrasts the middle-parted curtains to accentuate your styling. To enhance the volume on top, use a light to medium hold styling product for a fuller look.

Pro Tip: Our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Overland Park recommend trying the JoiGel Firm Styling Gel to add definition when creating a more sleek and polished look!

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