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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School LawrenceScary Good Halloween Makeup Looks

There’s only one thing more important than the costume when it comes to Halloween—the hair and makeup! Each October, the fun and festivities of the internet-proclaimed “spooky season” allow us all to break out our favorite colorful palettes, put our skills to good use, and let our imagination run wild with creative seasonal looks. Perhaps you’re thinking about a Marilyn Monroe-inspired “Greta Garbo eye,” or maybe you’re considering a glam gothic vampire. No matter the costume, there are limitless possibilities for your accompanying makeup look, and our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence, Kansas, have provided some of our favorite looks to get you inspired this holiday!

Killer Clown

Are you obsessed with the horror and gore of Halloween but want to create a classy and charming makeup look at the same time? This It-inspired killer clown look is the perfect answer to all of your spooky makeup prayers! Avoid using a completely opaque white face paint base, but instead, use a lighter foundation shade to tone this look down. Don’t forget the best part—glitter! Add it to your eyes, and outline any features of your face that you want to highlight. This look is sure to have your friends smiling all night long!

Glamorous Ghost

Keep it mostly ghostly with this cool-toned ghost-inspired makeup look. We know what you’re thinking; ghosts, really? But, hear us out! Our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence have found a way to make your classic Halloween costume look glamorous and modern with some simple makeup tricks. Grab your cool-toned color palette and a brush because this look is all about blending!

Hippie Heaven

This hippie-inspired 70s makeup is totally groovy, dude! Hippie costumes are among some of the most popular this year, and not to mention, easy to put together. Accompany your long bellbottom threads and platform clogs with some stellar makeup, and rock on all night long! Make sure to use a white eyeliner on the bottom lash line to make your eyes pop, and don’t forget about the natural feathered brows. With this look, you’re sure to be out of sight!

Spooky Skeleton

Who doesn’t love a good skeleton costume? Not only is this traditional character timeless and classy, but it can be a great couples costume for both men and women. Step outside of the box and let your creativity flow as much or as little as you want when it comes to painting on the details. All you will need for this look is some black and white face paint, a brush, and some patience!

Disney Diva

For all Disney lovers alike, you can never go wrong with a Disney-inspired makeup look! This Ursula-inspired glam has us rethinking our entire costume this year. Seriously, who doesn’t love a full-body makeup moment? Find a bright coral lipstick and pair it with a dark red liner to put the iconic finishing touches on this reimagined classic!

Halloween Makeup at the Student Salon

Are you looking for some help creating the perfect Halloween makeup look this year? At the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence, stylists under the supervision of licensed professionals can provide you with a creative and unique makeup look that fits perfectly with your costume without breaking the bank. Book an appointment at one of our student salons today!

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