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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School Lee’s SummitBest Cold Weather Hairstyles To Carry You Through the Winter

Between snowstorms, high winds, and freezing temperatures, there’s no doubt that winter is the harshest season for our hair. To ensure that your hair can handle the low temperatures and more extreme weather conditions, you need a hairstyle that is sure to last all day. Whatever your hair type and style preferences, there is a winter hairstyle perfectly suitable for you. This season, our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lee’s Summit, Kansas, are sharing the best cold weather hairstyles to carry you through the winter. Learn how to achieve these quick and easy styles below!

Bangs and Buns

It’s no secret that buns are a go-to option during bad weather, but there is still a way to rock this easy and versatile look while maintaining an air of sophistication. All you need to enhance this holiday look is a wand curling iron and some hair ties! Simply pull your hair into a low bun at the base of your neck, leaving your bangs loose to cascade across the sides of your face. Lightly curl these loose bang pieces to help frame the face and add a touch of character. Our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lee’s Summit recommend spraying a touch of hairspray to the final product to ensure it holds up all day!

Fairy Hair

Nothing screams winter quite like Fairy Hair! Fairy Hair consists of thin pieces of tinsel knotted to a single strand of hair using a weaving tool and can last days, weeks, and even months. The best part about this unique and fun style is that you can continue to blow-dry and heat style your hair as usual. As long as you’re gentle with your hair when brushing it, the tinsel will remain secured to your hair strands until those strands fall out. While you can achieve this look at home, it is recommended to visit your hair salon to ensure your sparkly strands are applied properly and don’t damage your natural hair.

Low Ponytail

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance weather-proof hairstyle, a classic low ponytail is a sleek way to ensure your hair remains in place all day. While the classic low ponytail is a staple style amongst hair enthusiasts alike, there are many small changes you can make to incorporate a piece of your personal style, including adding loose bangs, statement hair accessories, and clip-in extensions for added volume! Before pulling your locks up, prep your hair with a volumizing mouse like the JoiWhip Design Foam to create additional texture in your ponytail. If you are looking to achieve a perfectly flat front look, spray some medium-hold hairspray on a spoolie and brush down any baby hairs or flyaways.

Claw Clips

Claw clips are officially back in style, and we couldn’t be happier! This staple hair accessory is a necessity this winter as it will help keep your hair out of your face and looking super stylish at the same time. Use your claw clip to secure a half-up half-down hairstyle, or create a twisted ponytail that keeps your strands tight and secure all day. There are countless ways to style claw clips this season, and our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lee’s Summit urge you to say goodbye to friction and breakage caused by elastic bands, and opt for a trendy and cost-effective claw clip.

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