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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School LawrenceClaw Clip Hairstyles To Spice Up Your Everyday Look

Have you heard? Claw clips are officially making a comeback and reigning supreme over other 90’s-inspired hair accessories like scrunchies and butterfly clips. With the increasing popularity of the claw clip trend, our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence, Kansas, couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon and detail some of our favorite claw clip hairstyles perfect for your everyday look. No matter the texture and length of your hair, we have something for everyone, including clients with cascading long curls, blunt brunette bobs, and everything in between. Find out how to achieve these simple claw clip styles below!

Three Claw Clip Style Tutorials

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French Twist

The iconic 1990s-inspired claw clip hairstyle that still remains most common today is none other than the classic French Twist. Not only does the style work on all hair lengths and textures, but it is a quick and easy updo for any girl on the run. Check out how to style this look below:

  1. Use your hands to gather all of your hair into a low ponytail, but instead of securing the ponytail with a hair tie, twist it until half of the ponytail is tightly coiled. This may take a single twist for short hair or several twists for longer hair!
  2. Flip the twisted base of your ponytail to lie vertically against the middle part of the back of your head. Your twisted hair should be tight enough that strands do not fall out when you do so.
  3. Use your claw clip to secure the top part of your twisted hair against the roots attached to the back of your head. You may choose to repeat this a few times until you achieve the desired grip against your scalp.
  4. Allow the loose ends of the ponytail to drape over the claw clip and arrange your bangs or frontal pieces of hair as preferred!

Half-Up Half-Down

For those with shorter hair or curly and kinky texture, a half-up half-down claw clip may be the ideal hairstyle for you! Our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence recommend using a medium-sized claw clip for this look and suggest using a clear elastic band for additional support if you have very thick or lengthy hair. Learn how to achieve this romantic style below:

  1. Separate your top half of hair from your bottom half, starting above the ears. Since this hairstyle is a half-up half-down look, it can be helpful to loosely secure the bottom half of your hair with an elastic hair tie to ensure you are only working with the top half.
  2. Twist the length of the ponytail three-fourths of the way to the ends and wrap it around two or three times as if you are beginning to form a bun. Stop wrapping the bun once a few inches of the leftover ends are hanging straight down.
  3. Use your claw clip to secure your bun where the twist ends, and your loose hair begins. This should create a half-up style with enough volume and hold to stay, but you may opt to spray your final look with some light-hold hairspray to help it last all day!

Sleek Low Ponytail

There is nothing more modern and elegant than a sleek low ponytail, and now you can achieve that same look while still incorporating a claw clip. While this style is still quick and easy, it does require some additional product, so grab your favorite pomade or gel, and get ready to give this look a try! Follow the simple steps below for a timeless claw clip style:

  1. Mist your hair with your favorite leave-in conditioner (our stylists recommend the Joico HydraSplash Replenishing Leave-In Conditioner) and comb it back. After you have brushed your hair, apply a pomade or gel product and re-comb your hair until it lays flatly against your head.
  2. Gather your hair toward the middle of your head and comb it back as if you were creating a slick ponytail. Twist your hair upward into a type of figure-eight formation.
  3. Once your hair is twisted and laying flat against your head, with the excess hair strands pointing downward, attach your claw clip to the twisted part at the midsection of the head. If your hair is too thick and your ponytail is not secured solely by the clip, you can also use an elastic tie to secure your ponytail before adding the clip.

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