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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School, LawrenceHow To Find the Perfect Hairstylist That’s Right for You

What’s the only thing harder than finding a hairstyle that suits your face frame and personality? Finding the right stylist. If you’re like us and have ever been forced to find a new stylist due to relocating or retirement, you know that finding someone you can trust with such life-changing decisions can be daunting. Thankfully, our licensed educators at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence, Kansas, have years of professional experience working with clients and have compiled our favorite tips to help match you with your new stylist soulmate. Learn more below!

Decide What You Want

Before you start searching for a new stylist, take some time to think about your new hairstyle. Browse Pinterest boards, look through old photos of yourself, and scroll through social media to find inspiration for your new ‘do. Once you figure out the overall look you want to achieve, narrow down your inspiration photos to three pictures with similar placement and color tones. Remember, it is best to refer to photos of models with similar texture and thickness to your own hair! Not only will this help you envision how the style will look on your hair, but it will help your stylist determine how to proceed.

Research Local Salons

One of the best ways to find stylists in the current culture of social media is through Instagram and TikTok! Some of the top platforms stylists and salons use are Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and TikTok, as they allow stylists to display their previous work and interact with followers. If you aren’t an avid social media user or have no luck searching through topic-related hashtags, you may be better off finding a stylist through word of mouth. If that one trendy friend of yours who’s always rocking the latest hairstyle is willing to share and provide their salon’s information, research their salon and see if they have any stylists that match your personal styling preferences. Don’t be afraid to call local salons and ask questions to get a better idea if they have somebody who might meet your needs. Once you find someone who seems like a potential fit, schedule an initial consultation to learn more and get answers to any questions you have at the time!

Ask the Right Questions

When consulting with a new stylist, it’s important to remember that credentials and years of professional experience aren’t everything. While this can help provide you with a sense of confidence and comfort, it does not necessarily ensure they are experienced and well versed in the latest trends or coloring techniques you are looking to achieve. It’s important to avoid general questions and ask the right ones! Inquire about your stylist’s educational background, how often they enroll in continuing education courses, and when the last time they attended a seminar or event was. If a stylist truly cares about their industry and clients, it would be of great benefit to be up to date with the latest trends and technology. Don’t be embarrassed to ask too many questions; if they value you as a client, they will want to ensure that you are the right match for them as well!

Take the Leap

Once you research your stylist, schedule a consultation, and get all of your questions answered, it’s time to formally establish a relationship with your new stylist. Our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence recommend trusting your gut feeling and taking the leap if you feel like it’s a match! If at any point you don’t feel comfortable speaking up or providing your feedback, or you feel like you are being rushed through, it’s completely okay to cancel your appointment and leave. Just ensure that you are upfront about your concerns and learn more about how the salon charges for services, as you may be charged by the hour.

Stay With the Same Stylist

One of the best things you can do for your hair is to stick with the same hairstylist! Unless you immediately get bad vibes from your hairdresser, our experts recommend staying with the same stylist for at least three appointments. Because the first appointment may not go perfectly and will be the first time you get to work with your stylist, you should leave time for growing pains and get acquainted with your style and hair type. Not only will this give your stylist a chance to acclimate to your hair, but stylists are oftentimes more likely to go the extra mile for their loyal clients!

Hair Styling at the Student Salon

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If you are currently looking for a new stylist that can help fulfill your hair goals, our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence can help! At our student salon, students under the supervision of licensed educators are dedicated to answering all of your questions and providing you with a style you are sure to love. Find out how to achieve your new look without breaking the bank by booking an appointment at our student salon today. We are ready to partner with you!

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