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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School Overland ParkWhy Gen Z Has Officially Declared Blonde Hair As “Cheugy”

As if the recent middle versus side part debate between Millennials and Gen Z wasn’t enough, Gen Z has officially declared blonde hair as “cheugy,” claiming that rich brunette shades are in style this season! Before you start Googling, cheugy (pronounced as “chew-ghee”) has come to mean something untrendy or no longer stylish and has apparently become synonymous with bleach blonde hair. Our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Overland Park, Kansas, have years of experience with hair color services and are sharing their thoughts on the recent controversy below!

Understanding the Clean Look

According to TikTokers, famous blonde bombshells are ditching their iconic looks after blonde was declared “cheugy” by Gen Z. The shift away from highly pigmented blonde hair has become reflective of consumers’ want to embrace diverse beauty trends such as natural hair color and texture. Although it’s safe to say that blonde as a color hasn’t necessarily faded out of style just yet, its supreme reign as the culmination of American beauty is out of style! With fewer post-pandemic salon visits for color touch-ups, younger clients are prioritizing eco-friendly beauty trends and products, understanding that expensive coloring appointments are neither the most sustainable nor healthiest choice. With this said, there are still limitless options for light and rich-looking brunette locks this year!

Going to the Dark Side

Although our team at the Z Hair Academy Cosmetology school in Overland Park isn’t on board with completely phasing out blonde hair, we love the resurgence of vibrant dark hues! If you are following the season’s latest trends and are ready to go darker, our stylists have compiled some color tips to ensure your trip to the dark side is everything you’ve been wanting. We recommend:

  • Utilizing a transition phase when shifting from light to dark. If your hair is porous or damaged from lightener, the color you put on top can easily slip off in a few shampoos.
  • Using a color filler if you’re coloring your hair more than three shades darker. This will help bridge the gap between the two shades and pump pigment back into your hair that may have been lost during the lightening process.
  • Taking your aftercare seriously and using nourishing products like a color-boosting gloss to help mend broken strands and maintain your desired shade.
  • Avoiding the sun as it oxidizes hair color and makes it lighter and brassy. While you can’t stay out of the sun all season, use a clarifying hair rinse to help rid your hair of brassiness!

Finding a Happy Medium

If you’re not entirely ready to give up your blonde locks but are wanting to try out a darker shade and embrace Gen Z’s TikTok trends, there are a variety of so-called “bronde” shades that may be perfect for you! In the beauty industry, bronde is an in-between color that can serve as a transitionary shade between blonde and brunette, and the best part—it’s entirely customizable to each client! At the student salon within the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Overland Park, students under the supervision of licensed educations can provide clients with a customized shade of bronde and help them take the leap toward rich brunette hair! Schedule an appointment with one of our stylists today to discuss your options and find a color treatment that won’t break the bank!

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