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Cosmetology School Kansas City

Academy News | Cosmetology School Kansas CityBeyond the Chair With Meghan

Meghan is a student at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Kansas City, Missouri, where she is provided continued instruction both in the classroom and on the studio floor in professionalism and communication, haircutting techniques, chemical hair services, hair design, skin, and nail care services. After graduation, she hopes to work with her best friend, Cara, who also attends Z Hair Academy, and eventually own a salon someday. Get to know Meghan through the quick interview below!

In Her Words
  • Why did you choose to attend Z Hair Academy?

    I chose to attend the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Kansas City because of all the schools I toured, I felt the most at home here. Every instructor and student I talked to during my tour was friendly and welcoming.

  • What is your favorite service?

    My favorite service to perform is balayage because it’s less uniform and structured and allows me to be more creative while getting beautiful results.

  • What do you do in your spare time?

    I spend a lot of time with my family, making impulse decisions so that I can have good stories when I’m old (skydiving, last-minute trips, etc.), and I like to volunteer at my church!

  • What is your favorite hair product?

    My favorite hair product is the Joico Beach Shake Texturizing Finisher! I can achieve lots of texture and volume with it!

  • What will people be surprised to know?

    People would be surprised to know that I was homeschooled during elementary and middle school so my family could travel and see lots of places that I wouldn’t have been able to experience if I were in a traditional school.

  • What is something you remember from your childhood?

    My first job was as a summer nanny when I was 16. It was amazing because the kids were awesome, and we got to have fun all summer, so it didn’t feel like a job! I was with that family for four years!

  • What is a hobby that you are passionate about?

    I am very passionate about baseball and can talk anyone’s ear off about it. Right now, I’m in the process of visiting every Major League Baseball (MLB) stadium.

Can You See Yourself at Z Hair Academy?

If you want to learn from industry professionals and study to become a stylist like Meghan, we encourage you to learn more about the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Kansas City or one of our three other locations. Get started today by speaking with a member of our admissions team!

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