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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School Kansas CitySilence at the Salon: Benefits of Offering a Silent Haircut

Have you ever made a salon appointment but regretted it once you finally sat in the chair after a long, exhausting day? If you are uncomfortable with small talk or have anxiety about the casual conversation that accompanies a haircut, there’s no need to worry; you are not alone! In fact, many clients prefer some quiet time while getting their hair styled, which is why many salons are beginning to offer silent haircuts! Our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Kansas City, Missouri, have extensive experience providing hair services to clients of all ages and have detailed the benefits of offering silent haircuts. Learn more below!

What Is a Silent Haircut?

A silent haircut is exactly what you might expect—a haircut that is entirely silent. This type of service initially began as a way to help prioritize mental health and create a safe and comfortable space for all clients. The silent haircut is intended for anybody that wants some quiet time during their haircut and can specifically benefit individuals with non-neurotypical minds who may find small talk difficult.

Benefits of a Silent Appointment

While it may seem awkward at first and could take some getting used to, offering silent appointments has many added benefits for hairstylists and clients alike. Instead of proceeding as normal and assuming the person in the chair wants to converse, having the option of silent services available alleviates clients feeling like they must overshare or become extra chatty to keep the conversation flowing. Offering a silent option when scheduling the initial service allows the client to enjoy the experience and tailor it to their personal preferences.

How to Request a Silent Haircut at Your Salon

If you are interested in scheduling a silent salon appointment and capitalizing on all the “you time” you can get, you can always request this when planning your initial appointment. Even if your salon does not specifically offer these appointments, you can ask to leave a note for your stylist. Our team at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Kansas City also recommends connecting with your stylist at the beginning of your appointment to discuss your goals and then communicate that you would like to enjoy a silent appointment!

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