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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School Lee’s SummitGet Camera-Ready: How To Achieve the Picture-Perfect Makeup Look

Do you have an upcoming event that you’re sure to be photographed at? Don’t get caught with cakey foundation or excessive powder flashback! While you may have your everyday makeup routine perfected, it’s important to remember that real-life makeup doesn’t show up as you would expect in photos. Our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lee’s Summit, Kansas, have extensive experience providing clients with exquisite camera-ready makeup looks and have detailed some of their favorite tips to help you achieve picture-perfect makeup. Learn more below!

Apply Makeup in Natural Light

Similar to how the type of light you take a photograph in will make your makeup appear, the kind of light you choose to apply your makeup in will also affect how it appears on camera. Our team at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lee’s Summit recommends applying your makeup in a room with lots of natural light instead of relying on overhead lights that can cast shadows. Not only will this give you a great view of your entire face, but you can easily notice where makeup needs to be blended better or where you would like more color. Find a large window and face toward it when applying your makeup, or test your look out by taking a photo with the flash on before leaving the house! If you notice too much powder, excessive creasing, or intense eyeshadow, you can easily tone it down or apply more as needed.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

There’s no better way to ensure that you’re makeup is camera-ready than practicing your specific look before your event or photoshoot, especially if you’re not an avid makeup wearer. At first, it may take some getting used to and feel a bit strange seeing yourself wearing more makeup than usual. Don’t wait until the last minute to decide if something doesn’t look or feel right for you, and practice your makeup a few days in advance to allow yourself enough time to wear it out, see how it looks in natural light, and make any adjustments you see fit. Not only will this help your pictures turn out great, but you can show up feeling relaxed and confident in your abilities!

Opt for Full-Coverage Foundation

If you’re into the natural girl aesthetic, now is not the time to opt for a sheer, light-coverage foundation. Skip the daily tinted moisturizer and invest in a full-coverage foundation that gives you an airbrushed illusion on camera. Because makeup looks less vibrant in photos than in real life, you can use a relatively heavy hand when applying your foundation and ensure that all spots, blemishes, and areas of redness are entirely concealed. Just don’t forget to check in natural light before moving on to contour, blush, and highlight!

Partner With a Professional

If you still don’t feel overly confident in your makeup abilities, there’s no need to worry. Partner with a professional artist! At our student salon within the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lee’s Summit, students under the supervision of licensed educators can provide you with a picture-perfect makeup look that complements your face shape and skin tone. Schedule an appointment today!


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