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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School Kansas CityHoliday Makeup 101: How to Prevent Your Lipstick From Bleeding

Nothing is more festive than bright, bold lipstick during the holiday season, but with bold choices come fierce consequences. Don’t fall victim to smeared liner or lipstick in your teeth, and ensure your lips are locked in place all night! Our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Kansas City, Missouri, have experience providing clients with makeup services of all kinds and have detailed everything you need to know about preventing your lipstick from bleeding. Check out our pout-approved practices below!

Exfoliate Your Lips

The easiest way to ensure your lip color lasts all night is to lay out the perfect base. Try exfoliating your lips with a natural lip scrub or a damp, warm cloth. Because dead skin cells can build up on the surface of your lips, making your lipstick appear patchy or flaky, take some time to slough off any skin cells before applying a moisturizing lip balm. Our experts at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Kansas City recommend doing this at least 10 minutes before applying your lipstick to rehydrate your lips. Then, apply a thin layer of your favorite foundation over your lips to neutralize your lip color and fill in any cracks and crevices for a smoother application.

Invest in Invisible Liner

Invest in an invisible lip liner if you want a fool-proof way to keep your lipstick from feathering or bleeding this season! Clear, waxy pencils help to keep your lipstick inside the lines; all you have to do is line around the outside of your lips to create a barrier. This prevents lipstick pigments from sinking into any small creases around the lips. Don’t already own an invisible lip liner? You can also opt for a highlighting eyebrow pencil with a waxy base to help define the shape of your lips and prevent your lip color from shifting!

Apply With a Brush

Allow yourself more precision and control by applying your lipstick with a brush. When working with bold lip colors, clean and crisp edges are essential to avoid smudged lines. Our experts recommend dipping a clean, angled brush into some micellar water or makeup remover and slowly outlining the edges of your lips to eliminate or conceal any imperfections or unevenness. Don’t worry; if you accidentally remove too much product, you can always go back in with your lipliner and lipstick until you find the perfect pout.

Touch Up With Translucent Powder

Help control oils around the mouth with translucent setting powder. While the thought of applying powder to your lips may have never crossed your mind, it can increase the longevity of your lipstick while further preventing bleeding. Once you’re finished priming your lips with concealer and an invisible liner, use your brush to apply one coat of lipstick before blotting your lips with a tissue. Then, reach for a powder brush and apply a small amount of translucent powder onto your lips through the tissue barrier. Voila—a look that will last all night!

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