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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School Overland ParkLift Your Lashes: Everything You Need To Know Before Your First Lash Lift Appointment

If you’re tired of spending early mornings and wasting countless strip lashes trying to achieve longer-looking, more voluminous lashes, it’s time to put away the lash glue and try out an eyelash lift! The low-maintenance, semi-permanent solution can give you the desired effect of dark, luxurious lashes with little to no effort. Our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Overland Park, Kansas, are experienced in providing our clients with lash services and have detailed everything you need to know before your first lash lift appointment. Learn more below!

What Is a Lash Lift?

Lash lifts work to curl a client’s natural lashes from the base to the tip, making them appear longer and replacing the need for tools such as eyelash curlers. Because lash lifts are semi-permanent, becoming lifted and permed through a silicone mold, bonding gel, and lifting balm, they are an ideal solution for individuals with straight natural lashes that already have a bit of length.

What To Expect

When booking your first lash lift appointment, you should expect the complete application to take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Because not each lash type fits each client, your lash technician will help customize your look based on your natural lashes and personal preferences before the lift begins. First, your technician will clean the lashes and glue a silicone shield onto your upper lid before applying the adhesive and lifting your lashes to the shield. Once your lashes are lifted onto the silicone shield, they will apply the eye-safe lash lift product onto your lashes, which will operate similarly to a perm. Oftentimes, the lash lift is accompanied by a tinting service to add depth to the look and darken the lashes. Finally, your stylist will apply a moisturizing oil to nourish the lashes and provide thorough aftercare instructions to ensure your lashes last!

Advice From Our Stylists: Avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 hours, sleeping directly on them, or applying mascara!

Benefits of a Lash Lift

Besides gorgeous-looking lashes every day, our stylists at the Z Hair Academy in Overland Park believe lash lifts offer clients a variety of added benefits. Some of these include:

  • Minimal Aftercare—While you should not get your lashes wet or use oil-based products for the first 24 hours following your lash lift, there is minimal aftercare involved with a lash lift. You may apply a cleanser and serum to keep your lashes clean and nourished, but otherwise, you should plan to return to your technician for another treatment in about six to eight weeks. Avoid scrubbing your lashes harshly when removing eye makeup or touching them constantly to prevent further fallout!
  • Natural Appearance—Because lash lifts simply lift the lashes that you already have, you are provided a much more natural-looking appearance, suitable for every day!
    Suitable for Everybody—The greatest part about lash lifts is they work for everybody! Whether your lashes are naturally long and dark or short and lighter in tone, you can easily benefit from a lift to really accentuate your natural beauty.

Lash Services at the Student Salon


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Are you interested in receiving professional lash services? At our student salon within the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Overland Park, students under the supervision of licensed educators can provide you with lash services that accentuate your natural lashes. Schedule an appointment with one of our experts today to get started!

Launch Your Career at Z Hair Academy

If you would like to embark on a career in cosmetology, we encourage you to learn more about the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Overland Park or one of our three other locations. Start your education right away on a schedule that works for you. Get started today by speaking with a member of our Admissions team!

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