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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School Kansas CityBeautiful Benefits of Tape-In Extensions

Forget about the instant growth serums, lengthening shampoos, and expensive salon treatments—the best way to achieve guaranteed results for longer, more luscious hair is with tape-in extensions! Tape-in extensions are quickly saturating the beauty industry, becoming one of the most preferred services for both clients and stylists. Learn more about the benefits of trendy tape-in extensions as our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Kansas City, Missouri, detail everything you need to know below!


Cut down your time getting ready each morning with low-maintenance tape-in extensions! Because these extensions are already secured to your hair, you won’t have to worry about removing them each time you get ready and unready, and caring for them is just as easy as caring for your natural hair. While you may be able to brush your hair a couple of times daily, you will need to brush more frequently with tape-in extensions due to the friction caused by the hair and the extension rubbing together throughout the day. Depending on how quickly your natural hair grows and how much you care for your extensions, you should only require salon visits every four to six weeks. Not to mention, tape-in extensions can typically hold your specific style for a few days before losing its shape!

Functional and Affordable

Did you know you can wear your tape-in hair extensions in the shower, gym, and swimming pool? Unlike other types of extensions that require removal before participating in such activities, tape-in extensions are highly functional for your everyday ongoings and will save you a lot of time. Once you’ve removed your tape-in extensions, they can actually be re-taped and reused later on, saving you additional time and money in the future.


Have you wanted to try out that new hairstyle for a while now? With your tape-in extensions, now is the perfect time! Tape-in extensions offer a significant amount of versatility when styling your hair, and they are easily concealable, so nobody will know you’re not rocking your natural hair. From long braids and sleek ponytails to bouncy beach waves or a bodacious blowout, you can try it all! Because tape-in extensions utilize hair from human donors, you can easily experiment with hot styling tools without the fear that you may be damaging the bonds or hair.

Expert Tip: Our stylists at the Z Hair Academy in Kansas City recommend tape-in extensions to women with incredibly fine hair as they do not exert additional tension on your natural hair strands and will not cause further fragility or thinning!

Tape-In Extensions at the Student Salon

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Spring into this season with tape-in extensions! At our student salon within the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Kansas City, students under the supervision of licensed educators can provide you with long, luscious tape-in extensions that complement your lifestyle. Schedule an appointment with one of our experts today to get started!

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