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Cosmetology School Kansas City

Alumni Spotlights | Cosmetology School Kansas CityBeyond the Academy With Manuel

Meet Manuel—a 2018 graduate of the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Kansas City, Missouri! During his time at our award-winning cosmetology program, he was provided a comprehensive education from top industry professionals. After graduation, he went on to work as a massage therapist and hairstylist at a salon in Northland. Get to know Manuel and learn more about his experience at Z Hair Academy through the quick interview below!

In His Words

  • Why did you choose to attend Z Hair Academy?

    I chose the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Kansas City because I remember telling Ashley I always wanted to participate in Kansas City Fashion Week, and without hesitation, she told me they could make it happen. I thought it was cool that she didn’t treat me like just another student!

  • What was your first job after graduation?

    When I graduated, I was already a massage therapist at a salon in Northland, so I easily transitioned into providing hair services as well.

  • Where do you currently work?

    For the past few years, I have been working on getting things situated to have my own suite, meaning I will now be my own boss and run my own business!

  • What advice would you give to a new student?

    Never compare yourself to others! Also, having very thorough consultations will save your life.

  • How has Z Hair Academy helped further your career?

    I kept in touch with some of the instructors that would host classes, and after I graduated, I would still ask questions about anything I needed help with. Them opening doors for me within the industry to amazing teachers really helped me!

  • What do you do in your spare time?

    I watch many hair videos and have recently started recording some stuff I do to perfect my craft further and pass it along to teach others. It’s more time-consuming than you would think so that mostly takes up my spare time.

  • What is your favorite hair product?

    My favorite hair product is Kevin Murphy’s Young Again Dry Conditioner. It really is amazing, and my clients are obsessed with it. I have quite a few extension clients, and that product is gold in a bottle for them.

Can You See Yourself at Z Hair Academy?

If you want to learn from industry professionals and study to become a professional stylist like Manuel, we encourage you to learn more about the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Kansas City, Missouri or one of our three other locations. Get started today by speaking with a member of our admissions team!

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