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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School LawrenceContour Your Haircut: Everything You Need To Know About Contour Cutting

Looking for a subtle way to frame your face without coloring your hair? Contour cutting is the hottest new hair trend this year, with clients opting for specific cuts to complement their unique features. And the best part? Contour cutting can work for everyone! Our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence, Kansas, are detailing how to enhance your facial features with a customized contour cut. Learn more below!

What Is Contour Cutting?

Similar to contour coloring, a technique stylists use to accentuate facial features through freehand color placement, contour cutting can help drastically contour a client’s face. Because a classic long layered cut isn’t universally flattering for each person, more and more stylists are custom-tailoring their cuts based on each client’s unique hair length, density, and face shape.

Contouring for Your Face Shape

Many times, clients don’t take into account their face shape when choosing a new hairstyle. However, your face shape can be incredibly helpful in determining the most flattering style for your hair! Some of the most flattering haircuts for oval, round, square, and heart-shaped faces include the following:

Oval—Clients with oval faces will find they can pull off almost any hairstyle they choose! This is because oval faces tend to have thinner jawlines in comparison to the forehead, with higher cheekbones that create an elongated face. Depending on personal preference, you can rock anything from a blunt bob to cascading long layers. However, you may want to avoid an overly straight, single-length style as it can create the illusion of drooping eyes.
Round—If you have full cheeks and a round face, you will learn to love shorter, asymmetrical styles like the pixie or angled bob! If you’re not a fan of shorter hairstyles, request a long layered look with a shorter, side-sweeping bang to help elongate your face, but make sure to avoid harsh, face-framing layers or single-length styles.
Square—Not sure if you have a square face? If your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead are about the same span, or you have a distinguished jawline, you may want to consider a haircut complementary to someone with a square face. Help round out your features with sweeping side bangs, or soften your jawline with a messy bob. Be wary; a middle part will enhance the squareness of your face, so play around with side parts until you find something you enjoy!
Heart-Shaped—Clients with broader foreheads and narrower chins will benefit from layers! Not only will layers help add body to the crown of the head, but they can also elongate the appearance of the face. Our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence recommend asking your stylist for some fun fringe, as it will help conceal your forehead and draw attention to your high cheekbones!

How To Communicate With Your Stylist

Have you found yourself sifting through countless online images, Instagram posts, and TikTok videos but still haven’t found the perfect reference photo for your stylist? Don’t worry—there’s still a way to achieve a flattering hairstyle with a custom haircut based on your specific facial features. Make sure to schedule a consultation with your stylist prior to your scheduled appointment and discuss any concerns and goals you have for your hair. During this time, point out any facial features you hope to enhance or conceal and work collaboratively with your stylist to determine a length and style that excite you!

Launch Your Career at Z Hair Academy

If you would like to embark on a career in cosmetology, we encourage you to learn more about the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Lawrence, Kansas, or one of our three other locations. Start your education right away on a schedule that works for you. Get started today by speaking with a member of our Admissions team!

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