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Tips and Tricks | Cosmetology School Kansas CityBeyond the Glow: Your Secret Weapon for a Multi-Purpose Makeup Look

Long gone are the days of strobing, opaque highlighters visible from outer space. And, while highlighter may not be the same shining star of the beauty world as it once was, it still reigns supreme as one of the most versatile makeup products on the market. Don’t worry; we’re not planning on packing it onto our cheekbones with heavy brushstrokes—but we plan to put it everywhere else. Our stylists at the Z Hair Academy cosmetology school in Kansas City, Missouri, stay up to date on all things beauty and are detailing the best and easiest ways to incorporate highlighter into your summer beauty routine. Learn more below!

Glimmering Nails

Add some sparkle to your summer nails! Because this season is centered around sheer, glimmering finishes, darker, more opaque matte shades are on the back burner. Instead, the glazed donut manicure trend and other chrome effect nails have taken the beauty community by storm. But did you know? You can easily achieve this same glimmering effect at home with products you already own! Just reach for your favorite powder highlighter and use a sponge or small brush to experiment with different applications. Once you’ve successfully painted your favorite pigment along the nail beds, simply dust away any leftover highlight from the cuticles and apply a final layer of top coat to seal in the glimmering look!

Dewy Primer

If you’re interested in achieving the dewy skin look without investing in a new foundation, consider cream and liquid highlighter your new best friend. Simply mix a few pumps or drops of your desired highlighter into your pre-makeup moisturizer and apply the mixture to your face as a primer. When applying, make sure to touch the highest points of the face, such as the tip of the nose, underneath the brow bones, along the forehead, and near the temples. Not only will this help your foundation easily glide on, but it will provide you with that luminous, “lit from within” look that most dewy, high-end foundations promise.

Bronzed Body Highlight

Want to look like a bronzed goddess without lying underneath the blistering sun all day? Add some golden-toned highlighter—liquid, cream, or powder (it doesn’t matter which kind)—to the tops of your shoulders, down your neck, and around your décolleté. This fan-favorite trick is the simplest way to spice up your sleeveless tops and dresses, providing a natural sun-kissed glow. Our experts at the Z Hair Academy in Kansas City recommend mixing some bronzer into your highlight to deepen the tone if needed.

Luminous Lip Plumper

When thinking about highlighter, lips probably aren’t the first thing that come to mind. But a highlighter can actually be the perfect at-home product to help you achieve a plumped pucker. First, hydrate your lips with a balm or lip oil before pressing your favorite cream highlight into the center of the lips. Top the look with a clear gloss or a shimmering gloss for added effect, or outline the top of your Cupid’s bow with a small amount of highlight for a more intense, poutier look!

Eye-Opening Shadow

It’s no secret that wearing highlighter on the eyes has been around for a long time, but there are many different ways you can use the multi-purpose product to tailor your look. Whether it’s a sheer wash of shimmer on the hoods of the eyes, a subtle sparkle on the inner corner, or a light dusting on the lower lash line, the glossy texture of powder highlight can create the “wet” look everybody is after these days. And, if you’re looking for something quick and straightforward, just sweep a light layer of highlight across your entire lid for a fresher, more eye-opening appearance!

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