Kate Dykes

Kate DykesCampus Manager/Educator

“I love working for a family-owned company. Ron and Judi truly care about their employees. It’s a company I have a future with.”

  • Industry Experience

    8 Years
  • Serving Z Hair Academy

    Since 2011
  • Favorite Product

    Aquage Finishing Spray

All About Her

Get to Know Kate

  • Fun Fact #1: “I have six siblings (five brothers and one amazing sister) and my own three children whom I enjoy spending time with outside, running around and playing games.”
  • Fun Fact #2: “I’ve been a Kansas City Chiefs fan ever since I was a little girl. My husband and I went to a game for our first date and have continued going ever since. What’s not to love about tailgating and football?”
  • Fun Fact #3: “My first job at a pizza restaurant taught me patience and understanding while also sparking my passion for customer service. The owner was a very firm believer in having a smile the moment a customer opened the door, which has stuck with me ever since.”