Z Hair Academy Team Rhiannon Grabiel

Rhiannon GrabielEducator

“Z is such a great company! I like that it’s family-owned. Ron and Judi really care about every single person— staff and students alike. We have well-structured education, and they are always looking to improve and grow us!”

  • Industry Experience

    13 Years
  • Serving Z Hair Academy

    Since 2017
  • Favorite Product

    Pureology 21 Essentials

All About Her

Get to Know Rhiannon

  • Fun Fact #1: “I’m a true crime fanatic! Podcasts, documentaries and books… I love it all!”
  • Fun Fact #2: “I went through a ‘goth’ phase as a teenager, coloring my hair black, wearing nothing but black clothing from Hot Topic, wearing too much black eyeliner and listening to Marilyn Manson. It was awful!”
  • Fun Fact #3: “I was raised by a musician, so music has always been a part of my life. I love to sing, and my favorite band of all time is Slipknot.”